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How Do You Make Vista Remember

Nice tool! Reference: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/164787 I tried several commands… Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL restoreicons Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL restoredesktopicons Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL restoredesktop Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL -r Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL -R Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL,DllGetClassObject -restoreicons Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL,DllGetClassObject -restoredesktopicons Rundll32 LAYOUT.DLL,DllGetClassObject -restoredesktop … of course (i thing it is already known, but maybe it is worth to stress) this desktop layout is only drop in the see, pardon ocean.. August 10, 2008 Prze Works nice on Win Vista 64 bits Home Premium. weblink

It seems to be able to restore icons to their original place when moved from Monitor 2 to Monitor 1 but not the opposite: I move the My Computer icon to Clicking START there is NO computer entry in the list. Can a character under the effects of Geas cast Remove Curse on herself? the geeks version is working fantastic on xp! check these guys out

is there a way to make serges dips64 work without using SHIFT + RMB? If there's one aspect of this operating system that's been a constant disappointment, it has to be its complete and utter inability to "remember" window settings. August 15, 2008 Dmitry Great, i finally find solution for 64 bit Vista. Thanks from Israel!

May 4, 2009 Francisco Haven't made this work on Windows 7 RC…can't recall if it worked on the previous Win7 builds though May 5, 2009 Mister Zigler Did not work for I have read through this whole link at everyones messages and did not find anything that would help at all so I am at a loss. Bob December 28, 2009 Harald Redelberger Hi Geek, I use your utility pretty often. Much appreciated.

For some reason Vista has decided that nearly every folder in my computer contains images and videos. I have to keep doing the key combination several times before it shows up. May 17, 2010 Mopquill This used to work for me on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit, but, it doesn't anymore. At one point, I had 23 DIPS.exe processes running concurrently.

Neat trick but was really frustrated when it wouldn't work on my system since I was fast approaching the point of getting the ole 40 cal. Plus, try both right-clicking a system icon like My Computer and try right-clicking an empty spot on the desktop. October 24, 2008 JeffO I've seen this behavior, but it has only happened to me when I've saved the icon postions, then changed the screen resolution. Shortcrust tart stopped working What danger/code violation is oversized breakers?

Does't show any confirmation when saving position and when you try to restore position, it randomizes some icons. http://www.vistax64.com/software/141221-how-do-you-get-vista-remember-passwords.html So, here is what I did: First, I extracted the zip to my Utilities folder. Die beiden Tools arbeiten bei meiner Konfiguration (Vista Ultimate SP1 x86 und x64 mit 2 Monitoren bei 1680×1050 und 1280×1024) einwandfrei. For 64-bit, use Serge's icon saver (posted above)… http://amip.tools-for.net/files/dips64/ April 17, 2008 Paul Hoffman Nice!

i'm sure there are articles on microsoft.com good luck! have a peek at these guys Thanks September 27, 2007 redmike I bought a new HP Pavillion a couple of days ago and just tried this and it works like a dream. you can then allow windows to rearrange most except the ones locked. So every time I booted, Vista would lower it to Microsoft's ideal.

I ran the uninstaller, but it looked like it was inserting "uninstall" files in the reg. Then, I ran the EXE. Hope this helps. check over here I've set the Options screen to put a right-click to the Desktop, and set it to not run with windows and only when I tell it to.

Not-ready-for-primetime. Some one can help me. May 21, 2010 tiuk *users Proofreading FTL ;) June 15, 2010 me I read some older comments, and I just had to reply to them (or lord, the way the internet

Clicking on the desktop makes a lot more sense than having to locate one of the "right" icons to allow you to fix this.

It has nothing to do with operating systems, except that some drivers and video cards are capable and some aren't. Then when I installed the 64 bit version, it doesn't work. December 18, 2008 avoidz @jay - this is the Microsoft who put a Delete option on the Recycle Bin in Vista which deletes the icon from the Desktop. Best Regards Dennis January 9, 2008 Dennis Brallier Hi again, Just a quick note here.

August 29, 2008 David [non expert comment] Works great on Home Premium, but…I have same problem as Brian-commands show up under My Computer and Recycle Bin but not on Desktop right March 26, 2008 Alex Nice. August 31, 2010 Matt Works on my Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit… August 31, 2010 niebling I used serge's utility for 64-bit windows 7 and it installs and works fine. this content It will definitley fix my problem.

On this Business-x32, there's only a right-click and a Shift+right-click. I have still had things go weird once in a while, but they have always been corrected with this routine.