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How Can I Update Msxml4r.dll

So far, no problem. It's not perfect (see below), but it might give you some hints. Was this reply relevant?+0-0 rd52 RE: update MSXML 4? 15th Jul, 2014 00:12 Score: 16Posts: 66User Since: 4th Dec 2008System Score: N/ALocation: US Trocker, what I did is I went to The Release Notes referred.

https://1ncuig.bn1.livefilestore.com/y2pEVvzUt5KfF... Posts and opinions are my own & don't reflect any employer. Finally found a blurb in Microsoft stating that since this version is no longer being supported by Microsoft (part of Windows XP) there are no updates! I am seeing this on 2 different computers.

To clarify the Support Lifecycle situation for customers, MSXML 4 will be defined as a "Tool." A "Tool" is defined as a utility or feature that aids in accomplishing a discrete You then have the choise to uninstall the application or ask the vendor to upgrade their product to use a later version. –Rolf Aug 28 '14 at 9:15 Scanning https://1ncuig.bn1.livefilestore.com/y2pzpJl4giP32... --Maurice Microsoft Surface 4 Intel i7 64Bit Windows 10 Pro version 1607 Build 14393.447 16 GB RAM IE & Edge Only Was this reply relevant?+5-0 George Yves RE: update MSXML Was this reply relevant?+0-0 MorningSleeper RE: update MSXML 4? 14th Jul, 2014 22:16 Score: 0Posts: 9User Since: 4th Jul 2012System Score: N/ALocation: USLast edited on 14th Jul, 2014 22:18 Same situation,

Reinstalling the program that provides the msxml4.dll file, if possible, is a likely solution to this DLL error. If you remove MSXML 4 any programmes you have installed that requires it will fail. Stay Connected RSS YouTube Twitter LinkedIn Xing Weibo What We Do Software License Optimization Application Readiness Software Vulnerability Management Installation Software Monetization Company Contact Us About Flexera Software Website Feedback Site They have the same hardware & OS, but different owners with different personal software.

Update the drivers for hardware devices that might be related to msxml4.dll. Please advise what the correct action is, as the suggestion to "upgrade" is not relevant. Today my PSI 3 showed me the following warning: http://i66.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0715/53/d98dc8ff85f... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/973688 Was this reply relevant?+0-0 trocker RE: update MSXML 4? 15th Jul, 2014 15:57 Score: 5Posts: 12User Since: 29th Nov 2011System Score: N/ALocation: US on 15th Jul, 2014 14:30, George Yves wrote:

I am treating the latest result as A FALSE POSITIVE. Article What Causes Registry Errors? file location: C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msxml4.dll Installed version: 4.30.2117.0 Was this reply relevant?+0-0 Maurice Joyce RE: update MSXML 4? 14th Jul, 2014 19:17 Score: 12099Posts: 9,392User Since: 4th Jan 2009System Score: N/ALocation: UK Lester, You are currently viewing a forum thread in the Secunia Community Forum.

Was this reply relevant?+0-0 leskoonk RE: update MSXML 4? 16th Jul, 2014 21:09 Score: 3Posts: 5User Since: 15th Jun 2010System Score: N/ALocation: N/A Call me redundant: It is far easier to http://secunia.com/community/forum/thread/show/15049/update_msxml_4 To run these commands copy and paste the below commands to your clipboard, click on your start button, type command, right-click on the Command Prompt and then select 'Run as Administrator'. List 36 Completely Free Registry Cleaner Programs Article DIY Guide to Troubleshooting Hard Drive Errors Article What Are a Computer's System Resources and Why Do They Run Low? And I surely would not attempt to delete the MSXML programs listed not knowing the consequences to my system.

ingber update MSXML 4? 14th Jul, 2014 16:19 Ranking: 1 Posts: 14 User Since: 26th Nov, 2008 System Score: N/A Location: N/A My PSI utilty is telling me to update MSXML I have NOT tested it on my Windows 8 or 8.1 PCs because I have no old legacy programmes that require it to be installed. I clicked on the link from PSI which took me to the Microsoft MSXML 6 update page Download was abnormally quick and run was abnormally quick. Secunia should stick to their Modus Operandi & NOT get involved in matters beyond their remit & scope.

Does anyone know how one can uninstall MSXML 4 (leaving 3 and 6 intact) ? It seems to me that people are still finding it difficult to find specific information on the status and security of MSXML 4.0. The wayback machine does have a copy of this page going back to 2011[2], so we this support policy isn't a recent decision by Microsoft. Ran Secunia, no more liabilities.

If you're like a vast majority of Windows users out there, you're very likely to have some version of MSXML 4.0 installed - be that SP2 or SP3. Instead, get msxml4-KB2758694-enu.exe updates to 4.30.2117.0. Is it OK to ask if my background is competitive to the graduate chair?

I have tried opening all my programs I can think of, and so far no problems.

My Windows Explorer shows that I have the following MSXML*.dll files: http://i66.fastpic.ru/big/2014/0715/27/2cca1c3783c... Was this reply relevant?+0-0 ManFromOz RE: update MSXML 4? 15th Jul, 2014 09:06 Score: 17Posts: 107User Since: 6th Jun 2012System Score: N/ALocation: AU Same thing on my W7 x64 machines. They've each got slightly different support models but I expect they'll update their products very shortly (in fact I'll update this post as I hear back from them). Let's wait and see ...

support.microsoft.com/gp/msxmlannounce –David Marshall Aug 23 '14 at 15:40 1 @DavidMarshall: OK. As anyone who's been following my journey with MSXML 4.0 you'll be glad to know that there is… Alton(ius) Blom's Blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License Proudly On my Thinkpad (using cygwin) I see % locate -i msxml4 /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/msxml4.dll /cygdrive/c/Windows/System32/msxml4r.dll /cygdrive/c/Windows/SysWOW64/msxml4.dll (the one referenced by PSI) /cygdrive/c/Windows/SysWOW64/msxml4r.dll /cygdrive/c/Windows/WinSxS/x86_microsoft.msxml2r_6 bd6b9abf345378f_4.30.2100.0_none_03d8af9e7277524d/ msxml4r.dll /cygdrive/c/Windows/WinSxS/x86_microsoft.msxml2_6b d6b9abf345378f_4.30.2100.0_none_3983779e74974f83/m sxml4.dll I also have version 6 Status of Vulnerability Management Tools.

In case you have programs which aren't installed in the system drive you can re-run the command above and specify the corresponding drive letter. https://secunia.com/blog/why-microsoft-xml-core-se... If you suspect that the msxml4.dll error was caused by a change made to an important file or configuration, a System Restore could solve the problem.Reinstall the program that uses the Write down the exact file path & install version - return to the Forum & type that information. 2.

Just wish the false positive situation would be addressed and avoid others having to struggle chasing down the facts. EDIT: You can also install and configure Microsoft's EMET to stop Internet Explorer exposing MSXML when on the internet. File permissions might prevent certain files from being scanned, too.