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Hot Tub Error Codes Oh


Gender:Female Posted December 17, 2010 · Report post what cover did you take off? If you haven't successfully primed both pumps by the time the Priming Mode display ( Pr or PRIMING MODE depending on panel) ends, turn off the spa IMMEDIATELY.If after two minutes Back to Top PHL or PH IS LOW RAISE PH Message At the pH Sensor, the "pH Level is Low" (PHL).With a pH Sensor Installed in the System, the pH Level If it is hot you have a flow issue, or if it stays hot after the pump is shut off either the pressure switch has stuck close (see FLO error codes his comment is here

One sensor has detected 110ºF.Flo = Improper flow or pressure switch malfunction Cool = Water temp 20° below set point ICE = Potential freeze condition has been detected Sn1 = Hi-limit The Spa or Hot Tub Panel Displays: HH, OOH, OH, OHS, OHt, HL, HiLi, Sn2, Sn3, tS, Ht, Blinking Lights At least one of the sensors has detected water temperatures of Also the circulating pump was bad. Check for Water Level, Flow Restrictions, Closed Valves, Air Bubbles, and Pump Prime, or contact your Dealer or Service Organization.Check for All of the following Conditions:1. http://www.hottubworks.com/blog/spa-hot-tub-error-codes-oh-ohh-omg/

Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes

I did unhook everything from the mobo & tried plugging in items one by one to troubleshoot. I thought about gluing up the end of the tube but wanted somebody else that knows more about hot tubs to let me know that is an OK thing to do. Try to reset power to spa.

One of the sensors detected  that the water in the hot tub is 110°F (43.3°C).DO NOT GET INTO THE WATER. Can somebody tell me what to look for in regards to the OH error. If the "SF" Error Message is not cleared from the topside panel display, contact your Dealer or Service Organization. Vita Spa Error Codes The GFCI can also be tripped manually via the Edit Menu interface titled gFC.Button press instructions for initiating a GFCI trip manually can be found HERE.If the spa is not installed

FINAL NOTE: Balboa M7 systems have the Temperature Sensor as well as the Hi Limit sensor installed in the heater assembly, one at each end. Hot Tub Overheating Troubleshooting The Real Time Clock keeps the Current Time of Day. Back to Top SLP or SL Message SLP or SL MessageIf the SLP or SL Message is Alternating with the Water Temperature on the Display, the Spa is Operating in the This error code will display the fifth time that the “HFL” message occurs within 24 hours.

And there is a sensor on the inside of the filter housing. Great Lakes Hot Tub Error Codes Low Water Level.2. Heat Related Pump Not Primed. Quick View Register Help Remember Me?

Hot Tub Overheating Troubleshooting

Do you see any water drips?

The Heater and Pump will Operate Any time the Thermostat Demands Heat. Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes Dream Maker Control Systems for Spas or Hot Tubs: OH = Overheat 108° F, spa is deactivated. How To Fix Flo Error Hot Tub With this error, the heater will shut down, but other functions of the hot tub will continue to function normally.Take same action steps needed for the “HFL” message.

Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. this content For the complete list of error codes click here. Heat Related Pump Not Running.8. Check for clogged filter.FL2 = Pressure switch problem. Marquis Spa Error Codes

The Standard in Economy Mode allows the System to Heat the Water when the Jets are being used between Filter cycles, while in the Economy Mode. In this case, if the extreme conditions are determined, the spa will display the StU message until the spa is shut down It will also set the HOt flag (HOt does When Hush Pump Has Debris: You can contact your store to service this or clean out debris yourself. http://indowebglobal.com/hot-tub/hot-tub-error-codes-sl.html The "SnS", "Sn", or "SENSOR SYNC" Fault has occurred for more than 1 hour, indicating one or both Sensors are several degrees off, and Spa Functions are Disabled.

I pulled the side panels off & don´t see any leaks, the floor around it isn´t wet, etc. Cal Spa Error Codes The final problem could be the pressure switch/flow switch itself. Then re-start the hot tub, if the error code goes away, the problem was either a dirty filter (clean or replace) or too many jets were closed off.

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There were no water drips that I seen. Safety should ALWAYS be your first consideration! Helping people decide what is the right gear for meeting their needs. Great Lakes Hot Tub Troubleshooting The last couple of days when we checked it we have found it off & the circuit breaker tripped.

Thanks again for the help, Steve Cape Coral, FL 2003 Jacuzzi Premium J350 w/ozonator & cover Reply With Quote 11-09-2011,09:00 AM #5 spishex View Profile View Forum Posts Visit Homepage Sign in to follow this Followers 0 Oh Error Code? No action is necessary.PnL = Communication between the panel and circuit board is faulty.---- = "Watchdog" (spa is deactivated) A problem has been detected.Sn1 = Open sensor (heater is deactivated) or http://indowebglobal.com/hot-tub/hot-tub-error-codes-sn.html Die Bewertungsfunktion ist nach Ausleihen des Videos verfügbar.

Unless somebody here knows what sensor it is so I can get one ahead of time? If the Spa with the "SF" Safety Fault Error Message has a pump suction blockage switch, Select "Spas with Pump Suction Blockage Switch" Below. Shut the power down, remove the two wires to the pressure switch/flow switch, find some sort of wire to join the wires, but don't do it yet. Blocked Skimmer.4.

If you have a Circ Pump, do this first (EL version):- Push the Jets 1 button once. This could indicate poor flow or air bubbles in the heater. You may want to have the pump checked to see if you need just the wet end, or an entire pump (if just the wet end can be replaced on those Check for Water Level, Flow Restrictions, Closed Valves, Air Bubbles, and Pump Prime, or contact your Dealer or Service Organization.Check for All of the following Conditions:1.