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Since it was so cold, and my spa was in sleep mode, I opened the panel and made sure there was water ( not ice) in the heating element. (I cracked F2 = 4 hours daily filtration F4 = 8 hours daily filtration F6 = 12 hours daily filtration FC = continuous filtration EasyPak C = Celsius CL = Current Time of HL High limit switch tripped. The time now is 04:19 AM. navigate here

Powered by vBulletin Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. SnS Sensors out of balance. Wondering what your spa is trying to tell you? ICE Freeze condition. 55ºF detected. http://www.spadepot.com/spa-error-codes.htm

Sl Code On Hot Tub

In summation; when you have spa trouble codes of Sn, SnA, Sn1, Sn2. Could be a dirty filter, a clogged impeller, closed valve, or a piece of plastic film covering the spa drain. Back to Top HOt or HOT-CALL SVC Message A Pump appears to have been stuck ON before a GFCI trip, causing an extreme overheat.If the extreme overheat conditions are determined, a

With the the Pump ON, prior to Heater ON, the Sensors differ by more than 2°F (1.0°C), indicating one or both Sensors are several degrees off. Heat Related Pump Not Primed.9. Doing this will give you full access to the forums, where you will be able to receive personalized advice concerning your pool. Vita Spa Error Codes If you need assistance with spa trouble codes, you can call us anytime at 800-770-0292  Happy Hot Tubbin' Daniel Lara Hot Tub Works Tags: hot tub error code,

Spaminator provided by [OzzModz] Spaminator - vBulletin Mods & Addons Copyright © 2016 OzzModz Ltd. Balboa Hot Tub Turn Off Economy Mode SE Spa operating in Standard-in-Economy Mode. Dirty Filter.5. check my blog FLO2 Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup Dream Maker Spa Side Error Codes OH Overheat Protection (Heater is deactivated, pumps low speed is activated).

The "SF" Safety Fault Error Message indicates that the Vacuum Switch has closed, indicating that there has been a Suction Problem or a Possible Entrapment Situation Avoided.2. Hot Tub Control Panel Instructions ICE2 Freeze protection. Contact your Dealer or Service Organization.A Sensor Failure Message may indicate Excessively High Heater Temperatures which can Scald or Burn!If the Heater is Not Cool Enough to Safely Service, allow the Check for clogged filter.

Balboa Hot Tub Turn Off Economy Mode

After about 45 Seconds, Check for Error Messages on the Topside Panel Display. Visit Website FLO* = Flow Switch (heater is deactivated. Sl Code On Hot Tub Back to Top Snb, Sb, or SENSOR B SERVICE REQD Message "Sensor B" (Snb or Sb) is Not Operating Correctly.The Sensor Connected to the "Sens.B" Connector on the System Board may Balboa Hot Tub Codes F8 The low speed pump or circ pump will operate continuously until the temperature rises above 45° F.

Categories Consumer Research for Best Hot Tub (100) hottubworks.com (127) life (130) spa chemicals (67) spa covers (161) Spa Crystals (11) spa filter (31) spa heater (25) Spa Ozone (17) Spa check over here OH = Over heat. Blocked Skimmer.4. Heater is shut down, but other spa functions run normally. Spa Command Panel Instructions

Digital spas have electronic sensor circuits, which are more durable than mechanical switches, however temperature sensors, hi limit sensors, relays and circuit boards also eventually fail on modern spas. Status of the heater element is unknown. This is normal operation. http://indowebglobal.com/hot-tub/hot-tub-error-codes-sn.html ICE = Freeze protection.

Safety should ALWAYS be your first consideration! How To Get Hot Tub Out Of Economy Mode Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. then allowed it to sit with the panel off in yesterday's 45 degree temperature for a few hours).

Heat Related Pump Not Running.8.

All Reminder Messages can be Disabled through the Topside Panel Users Menu.* Note: The Balboa Default Interval is 180 Days, but some Spa Brands or Models may be Different. So, the next time your spa throws you a OH, OHH or some other Overheat error code, you know what to do. Pump may also be deactivated). Balboa Hot Tub Troubleshooting Spa has shut down.

th3/39 On startup indicates water temperature less than 39° F. Entire system is disabled. PSoC Pressure switch open with circulating pump. weblink Balboa (used by Belize Spas and many other hot tubs) pd = Power supply, unit running on battery backup OH = Sensors reading 112-118° F.

Blocked Skimmer.4. You should verify priming on all pumps the first time you fill the spa with water, as well as each time you refill the spa with water (after having previously drained Call Balboa Technical Service for Additional Help if this Spa is Installed in a country Other Than the United States or Canada.Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Trip Feature Top Previous NextAlong FREE SHIPPING $100+ $0.00 SIGN IN Sign In Registered Customers SIGN IN Forgot Password?

You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. Do not do this more than 5 times. dr = Inadequate water detected in heater. Back to Top PHH or PH IS HIGH LOWER PH Message At the pH Sensor, the "pH Level is High" (PHH).With a pH Sensor Installed in the System, the pH Level

Add pH Increaser according to Manufacturers Instructions.Note: If you do Not have a pH Sensor installed in the Spa System, you should Never get this Message. After about 45 Seconds, Check for Error Messages on the Topside Panel Display. Rotomolded Spas Spa Preppers - Hurricane Spa Protection Hot Tub Circulation Pump Troubleshooting How to Measure for a Hot Tub Cover Hot Tub Electrical Safety Spa & Hot Tub Plumbing Fittings Spa Error Codes: Sn, Sn2, Sn3, EO, E1, Prr With these spa sensor codes, the Temperature Sensor is open or shorted.

Back to Top rt9 or TEST GFCI Message Time to "Test GFCI Reminder" (rtg).Appears Every 30 Days*. Heater disabled but the spa is operational. Closed Slice Valve.7. Clean or replace your spa filter cartridge as a first step.

Press any button to reset after the problem has been corrected, or or contact your Dealer or Service Organization. 1. OH Over heat. One sensor has detected 110º F. Proceed step by step, and you should be able to find the cause of the FL, FLO or FLOW error code.

Blocked Skimmer.4. Do not let the pumps run for a total of more than 2 minutes if they haven't primed by then. The causes of low water flow in a spa include: Dirty spa filter cartridge Closed or partially closed valves or jets Pump has an air lock, or has lost prime Low