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Which one you use depends on the drive and what you're using it for. whatever you want.Note: If you created multiple partitions on this physical hard drive, you can now return to Step 3 and repeat these steps, formatting the additional drive(s).Formatting Deletes Data... How Do I Securely Wipe a Computer? Then, follow the Windows Disk Management method below since the disk won't be visible in Windows Explorer. http://indowebglobal.com/hard-drive/hard-disk-formatting.html

You can then restore this data to your new drive. Unpartitioned drives appear with solid black bars and the label "Unallocated." Partitioned drives appear with solid blue bars and a drive letter.Partitioning your driveTo format an internal or external hard drive Journaled will help the computer track changes over time and is usually a good idea. All it takes is a few clicks to get a fresh, clean drive formatted for your needs. http://lifehacker.com/how-to-erase-and-format-a-hard-drive-1525128357

How To Format Hard Drive Windows 7

Rather than fixing an installation suffering from malfunction or security compromise, it is sometimes judged easier to simply reformat everything and start from scratch. You may choose to continue with Time Machine setup, or cancel. Hard drives advertised as being compatible with Windows and Mac OS may have misled you into thinking you could actually use one hard drive for both computers.You can, but not out

See this guide for details on setting your boot order. Depending upon the system, low-level formatting was generally done by an operating system utility. How do you wipe an inaccessible hard drive? How To Format An External Hard Drive If the disk is formatted with a different file system than the one which previously existed on the partition, some data may be overwritten that wouldn't be if the same file

Click "Drive Options," then click the "Format" button to format the drive as NTFS before you click Next and install Windows. How To Format A Hard Drive From Bios Tags: Desktop PCs, Laptops, Storage Share this article Share Tweet Send  Hi. Which one you use depends on the drive and what you're using it for. OS X - Press and hold C while your computer is rebooting.

Conversely, you can format the HD to HFS+ and use HFSExplorer for Windows to read and write to the Mac-formatted hard drive. How To Format Internal Hard Drive Linux supports a variety of sector sizes, and DOS and Windows support a large-record-size DMF-formatted floppy format.[citation needed] Low-level formatting (LLF) of hard disks[edit] Low-level format of a 10-megabyte IBM PC Install your operating system of choice, or use the blank disk for another purpose. Got a beginner tech support question you constantly answer?

How To Format A Hard Drive From Bios

Using the -j option (mke2fs -j) will create the ext3 (or journaled) file system that is much more resistant to the unexpected power loss.(Under Linux, you can also format the hard http://lifehacker.com/how-to-erase-and-format-a-hard-drive-1525128357 MESSAGES LOG IN Log in via Log In Remember me Forgot password? How To Format Hard Drive Windows 7 Windows may prompt you to accept the creation of a small, system-reserved partition--accept it. Reformat Hard Drive Mac Subscribe ▲ Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions    🔎 Home News Reviews How-To Video Business Laptops Tablets Phones Hardware Security Software Gadgets Subscribe Resources PCs Phones Printers Ultrabooks

Make sure you've backed everything up before you reinstall! How to Do a Clean Install of Windows Without Losing Your Files, Settings, and Tweaks How to Do a Clean Install Check This Out XFS or EXT3 are good choices. The Quick Format option does not affect how securely the data is erased. This formatting includes the data structures used by the OS to identify the logical drive or partition's contents. How To Format A Hard Drive Windows 10

Give your settings a final lookover and click Apply.Step 2: Plug the hard drive into your Windows PC. Method 3 For Mac OS X 1 Back up your data. How to reset Windows 10 and refresh Windows 8 If your PC is having problems and you don't wish to lose your personal files by wiping your hard drive, then you Source If you are primarily using the drive for one use, giving it a name will help you identify what's on it.

Formatting will destroy ALL of the data on the disk. 2 Open the Hard Drive. 3 Open the Applications Folder. 4 Scroll down and open the Utilities folder. 5 Click Disk Format Hard Drive From Command Prompt The file system will determine what the drive is compatible with. It is compatible with the most systems and can store the largest files. 7 Give the drive a name.

In current IBM mainframe OSs derived from OS/360 and DOS/360, such as z/OS and z/VSE, this is done by the INIT command of the ICKDSF utility.[21] These OSs support only a

If you will be sharing the information on the drive with Macs, choose exFAT. Linux machines can read unencrypted NTFS partitions as well.If you will be sharing the information on this drive with Macs, choose exFAT. Having a back up of your important files will make transitioning much easier. How To Format Hard Drive Windows 8 What tools you use depend on what you're trying to do.If you're going to sell your computer or the hard drive, you'll want to securely wipe it using these instructions beforehand.

The disk subsystems on the IBM System/360 expanded this concept in the form of Count Key Data (CKD) and later Extended Count Key Data (ECKD); however the use of variable block The format program usually asks for confirmation beforehand to prevent accidental removal of data, but some versions of DOS have an undocumented /AUTOTEST option; if used, the usual confirmation is skipped See the above section for more details on which one to pick.Give your drive a name under "Volume Label," and check the "Quick Format" box.Click "Start" to format the drive. have a peek here It is compatible with the most systems and can store the largest files. 6 Give the drive a name.

Click OK and complete the format process.With these three options you'll be able to take advantage of either platform's offerings, be it Time Machine support or security options. Thanks for voting! Different operating systems (like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux) use different file systems to organize and store data, so you need to use the file system most applicable for your A quick format skips the bad sector search and basic data sanitization.Windows XP: In a standard format, each sector is checked for errors.

Flag as... You're welcome to change it at any time! Windows - You will need to set your optical drive as the boot drive from the BIOS menu. The process is much simpler than this long guide would have you believe, and once you've gotten the hang of it once or twice it'll be like riding a bike.

Mac OS Extended is the most basic, standard option. It will treat the USB as another drive so to avoid inadvertently wiping that as well, remove it after you’ve booted into DBAN. Instead, the area on the disk containing the data is merely marked as available, and retains the old data until it is overwritten. This value is also used on the Atari Portfolio. 8-inch CP/M floppies typically came pre-formatted with a value of 0xE5,[17] and by way of Digital Research this value was also used