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Hot Tub Error Code List


Reset the countdown timer when finished.Share this:TweetShare on TumblrMoreEmailLike this:Like Loading... Spa has shut down. Switch closed while pump is deactivated. Happy Hot Tubbin' Daniel Lara Hot Tub Works Tags: spa error codes, Spa Heater Elements, spa heaters This entry was posted on Tuesday, January 6th, 2015 at 6:58 am and his comment is here

Press Any Button other than "Jets 1" to Exit Drain Mode and Standby Mode, and Return to Normal Operation. Spa has shut down OP Open circuit sensor P1, P2 or P3-ER Pump 1,2 or 3 error or failure pd Power supply interrupted, unit running on battery backup PnL Panel error; Sn1 Open sensor (heater is deactivated) or Shorted sensor (spa is deactivated). FLO2 = Closed or shorted flow switch on system startup Pinnacle OH = Temperature has exceeded 110° F SN = Sensor failure FL = Flow/pressure switch stuck in closed position Spa http://www.spadepot.com/spa-error-codes.htm

Hot Tub Error Codes

Back to Top Pr or PRIMING MODE TAKES 4 MIN Message The Spa is Operating in "Priming" (Pr) Mode.The Spa has just been powered up and is in Priming Mode for There is Not Enough Water Flow through the Heater to carry the Heat Away from the Heating Element. Flo Improper flow or pressure switch malfunction Cool Water temp 20° below set point ICE Potential freeze condition has been detected Sn1 Hi-limit sensor malfunction Sn3 Temp sensor malfunction SnA Spa Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message.

Take off the spa cover to allow the water to cool down and reduce thermostat settings. Rare system error. PSoC, PSoL, PSoH Pressure Switch Open with Circulating, Low or High pump(s). How To Fix Flo Error Hot Tub Back to Top dr or HEATER MAY BE DRY WILL RETEST SHORTLY Message There is Possibly a "Dry" (dr) Heater.

The J- 325 features two deep bucket seats and one deep lounge. Pump may also be deactivated). Press "Mode" Button to Clear Message. Heater is deactivated.FL1 = Water flow problem, inhibited or pressure switch malfunction.

Categories Consumer Research for Best Hot Tub (100) hottubworks.com (127) life (130) spa chemicals (67) spa covers (161) Spa Crystals (11) spa filter (31) spa heater (25) Spa Ozone (17) Spa Hot Tub Error Code Oh Turn OFF the Power to the System and Turn it back ON again to put System into Priming Mode.2. The condition causes the circulation pump to turn off automatically if it’s running in order to avoid adding additional heat to spa water that could cause “Overheat” conditions. OHH Overheat.

Balboa Hot Tub Error Codes

Could indicate a flow problem.LF = Persistent low flow problems. (Displays on the 5th occurrence of "HFL" message with 24 hours). If water temperature drops 20°F below set temperature, low speed pump and heater activates to bring temperature within 15° of set temperature. Hot Tub Error Codes PnL Communication between the panel and circuit board is faulty. ---- Watchdog" (spa is deactivated) A problem has been detected. Vita Spa Error Codes Heater is deactivated.

Check for proper spa water level and ensure pump is primed. this content Spa has shut down OHS Overheat. Heat Related Pump Not Running.8. Try Turning the Power OFF and back ON again, or Continue for a Detailed Test Procedure.1. Marquis Spa Error Codes

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. One sensor has detected 118° F at heater. Is it an Error Code, or a System Status Code? weblink Select "Message Other than rtC or RTC FAILURE" Below.

Low Water Level.2. Great Lakes Hot Tub Error Codes We’ve been Providing custom quality Hot tub Covers and Spa Covers at a great price and with great service since 2005.Visit Our Official Site Enter your email address to subscribe to If itwill not reset, check for clogged filters.

With the the Pump ON, prior to Heater ON, the Sensors differ by more than 2°F (1.0°C), indicating one or both Sensors are several degrees off.

Do not do this more than 5 times. The spa system’s ability to cool itself down is directly affected by ambient temperatures. Jet pumps 1 and the heater activate automatically to bring the temp to 15°F (8°C) of the settemps.Note: this condition often occurs when filling the spa with water since tap water Coleman Spa Error Codes Open the spa cover and let the spa cool down for 10 minutes, then touch the control panel to reset the circuits, or push a red reset button on air systems.

Doing so may cause damage to the pump and cause the system to go into an overheat condition.If after repeated attempts (hours apart) you still cannot get all pumps to prime, Back to Top SAL or SANITIZER LOW Message At the ORP Sensor, the "Sanitizer Level is Low" (SAL).With an ORP Sensor Installed in the System, the Sanitizer Level is Below 740 These error codes are caused by a variety of reasons. check over here Closed Slice Valve.7.

Back to Top SAH or SANITIZER HIGH Message At the ORP Sensor, the "Sanitizer Level is High" (SAH).With an ORP Sensor Installed in the System, the Sanitizer Level is Above 830 Back to Top DETAILED PRIMING INSTRUCTIONS In Priming Mode, Nothing turns on Automatically*.*Note: On the VS/GS Model, the Circ Pump will be on, and on some EL/GL Models, a continuous filtration On the subsequent power-ups, the GFCI test is skipped because the proper flag has been set in the software.Note: The GFCI Test Feature should only be Enabled in the United States Could also be low water level.

Do not let the pumps run for a total of more than 2 minutes if they haven't primed by then. The System will stay in the Standard Mode for 1 Hour unless the "Mode/Prog" Button is Pressed on a Panel with a "Mode/Prog" Button, or the "Temp" Followed by "Light" Buttons You can also check the pressure switch or flow switch with a an Ohm meter.