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E21 Inverter thermal trip When the inverter internal temperature is above the threshold, the thermal sensor in the inverter module detects the excessive temperature of the power devices and trips, turning When EE:EE is displayed on remote control , press "Energy Save" &am... Incorrect Wiring Connection to PCB in Outdoor Unit 39SystemAbnormality of Running Current at Constant CompressorOvercurrent, Melted Fuse of Failure of Current Sensor 43PressurePressure Ratio Decrease Protection ActivatingFailure of Compressor, Inverter 44PressureLow Hitachi Inverter-driven Multi-Split system heat pump Air Conditioner Code No.CategoryContent of AbnormalityLeading Cause 01Indoor UnitTripping of Protection DeviceFailure of Fan Motor, Drain Discharge, PCB, Relay 02Outdoor UnitTripping of Protection DeviceActivation of http://indowebglobal.com/error-code/hitachi-ras-error-codes.html

Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe has developed a free APP which will provide service engineers with fast, easy access to alarm codes and their meanings - View my complete profile | error code air conditioning © 2014. If timer lamp flashes for a number of times and then pauses, please reference table below. ISPM abnormality, heat exchanger clogging, etc. 54OutdoorInverter fin temperature abnormality Inverter non-operationFin thermistor abnormality, heat exchanger dogging, fan motor abnormality 55 59 b1OutdoorInverter fin temperature thermistor abnormality Error in address/refrigerant system http://airmaster.net/hitachi-air-conditioner-error-codes/

Hitachi Ac Error Code E9

For details, refer to the instruction manual for the mounted option board. Ref. E25 Main circuit error (*3) The inverter will trip if the power supply establishment is not recognized because of a malfunction due to noise or damage to the main circuit element.

protection device is activated. 43PressureActivation of the safety device from com- pression ratio decreaseAbnormal compress (Compressor. Added to Wishlist Remove Removing... York Error Code York Minisplits Temperature Sensor Resistance Readings Temperature = 0C K Ohms = 35K Temperature = 10C K Ohms = 20K... Hitachi Ac Error Code E1 Product Inquiry Catalog download (Product catalog is available in PDF format) Question & Inquiry To Page Top Motor Inverter WJ200 Series Features Specifications Dimensions Operation and Programming Terminal Functions Protective Functions

E08*2 EEPROM error When the built-in EEPROM memory has problems due to noise or excessive temperature, the inverter trips and turns OFF its output to the motor. Hitachi Excavator Fault Codes E44 EzSQ  nesting count error Subroutines, if-statement, or for-next loop are nested in more than eight layers E45 EzSQ instruction error Inverter found the command which cannot be executed. Reply Tin Ko says: October 29, 2016 at 10:33 pm 31 Reply Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. check over here Mitsubishi Mr.Slim Error Code Mr.Slim A-control error code list Display of remote controller Code EA Error detail Mis-wiring of indoor/outdoor unit.

Check cable connections, cable is not short circuited or open circuit and PCB operation. Hitachi Split Ac Red Light Blinking Reinstalled the app and all working now, great service. cant find nothing in service manual and technical havent seen a b0 or 60 alarm code before? E14*2 Ground fault The inverter is protected by the detection of ground faults between the inverter output and the motor upon during power up tests.

Hitachi Excavator Fault Codes

Fault CodeLED1LED2LED3LED4Fault NormalNormal 01* 02*Safety Device (Indoor or Outdoor Unit) 03*Transmission Indoor/Outdoor Unit 05* 08***Compressor High Temperature 20**Compressor Thermistor 22**Ambient Air Thermistor 24**Defrost Thermistor 38**PCB Protection Circuit 41**Overload Operation for Cooling Failure of PCB. Hitachi Ac Error Code E9 Item added to wishlist. Hitachi Air Conditioning Technical Blog Archive ► 2014 (6) ► August (2) ► May (1) ► April (3) ► 2012 (9) ► July (1) ► June (3) ► January (5) ► 2011 (18) ► December

E10 Current detection error If an error occurs in the internal current detection system, the inverter will shut off its output and display the error code. weblink If an over-voltage condition exists, the inverter enters a fault state. The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Your cache administrator is webmaster. Hitachi Window Ac Error Codes

E02 Over-current eventduring deceleration E03 Over-current event during acceleration E04 Over-current eventduring other conditions E05*1 Overload protection When a motor overload is detected by the electronic thermal function, the inverter trips b1Indoor unit number settingIncorrect setting of the unit and the refrige- rant cycle number.Over 64 indoor units setting by number or indoor unit address. Full Review bacolrsv March 30, 2015 Has bugs App doesn't work fully despite reinstall. navigate here The unit may then be restarted by pressing the Run/Stop button.

Refrigerant Leakage. 51InverterAbnormality of Current Sensor for InverterFailure of Sensor on Inverter PCB 52InverterOvercurrent Protection ActivatingOverload, Overcurrent, Locked to Compressor 53InverterIPM Protection ActivatingAutomatic Stoppage of IPM (Overcurrent, Low Voltage or Overheating) Hitachi Washing Machine Error Codes Check pump operation and drain 07Drain pump forced operation. bacolrsv Has bugs App doesn't work fully despite reinstall.

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exceed the number o... E41 Modbus communication error When “trip” is selected (C076=00) as a behavior in case of communication error, inverter trips when timeout happens. The inverter trips and turns OFF its output. Hitachi Air Conditioning Fault Code P7 Other code Nos.

E43 EzSQ invalid instruction The program stored in inverter memory has been destroyed, or the PRG terminal was turned on without a program downloaded to the inverter. Kindly Bookmark this Post using your favorite Bookmarking service: Related Posts: 2 komentar: Antonio A. File path not found when searching for unit Roy Taylor Open just to close again This app open just to stay blank for a sec or two and then close Yohanan his comment is here This feature protects the inverter, and does not protect humans.

E35 Thermistor When a thermistor is connected to terminals [5] and [L] and the inverter has sensed the temperature is too high, the inverter trips and turns OFF the output. E38 Low-speed overload protection If overload occurs during the motor operation at a very low speed, the inverter will detect the overload and shut off the inverter output. Expansion Valve Close Lock. All Rights Reserved | Template Style by My Blogger Tricks .com | Design by Brian Gardner | Back To Top | All Troubleshooting.NET Search Primary Menu Skip to content Microwave AEG

This is not an error 03Communication error. The inverter has turned OFF the IGBT module output. Incorrect Wiring Connection to PCB in Outdoor Unit 39 Abnormality of Running Current at Constant Compressor- Overcurrent, Melted Fuse of- Failure of Current Sensor 43 Pressure Ratio Decrease Protection Activating- Failure freeze protection thermistor temp, is higher than 55 °C and compressor top temp, is higher than 95 °C, O.U.

Sometimes, error codes can give you enough information to fix your Hitachi air conditioner on your own. E80 Encoder disconnection If the encoder wiring is disconnected, an encoder connection error is detected, the encoder fails, or an encoder that does not support line driver output is used, the